Are you thinking about buying a home (Part One)

With the spring real estate market being just around the corner we are already starting to see an increase in the number of people wanting to take a look at homes that might be of interest to them. Before you do that though there are several steps to consider:

  1. Decide if you really want to move and if so to where. Seems a simple question, but it really isn’t. All sorts of factors come into play such as schools, family sporting activities, amenities offered in different communities, commuting time etc. As best as possible know which area that you want to start looking in and what are the key points that are important for you.
  2. Try and agree on what each person wants to find in that house. Everyone has priorities that are important to them. For example a two car garage might be nice, but is it a priority? A four bedroom might be essential to one member of the family, but not the other. Having a home on a large lot might be nice, but do you have the time to look after it? Have a good idea what you want so that your agent knows where to start looking. These are some of the first questions that you will be asked before you look at homes.
  3. Don’t get overwhelmed with what you find online. This goes back to point number 2. If you know what you want before you start looking it is less likely that you will be distracted by homes that really don’t meet your needs. The more focused you are the easier it will be for us to find you what you want.
  4. Another key first step is – Check out your financing. What can you afford? Mortgage specialists in the banks, independent mortgage brokers etc. can all help and you will know your price cap before you start looking either online or in person. This is a crucial step and it will prevent a lot of disappointment as you go forward because you will know your limits and what will work for you.

These four points apply to both experienced buyers and first time buyers. The Beardsley Team will be happy to assist you with any of those four points. On our web site you will find our exclusive, free buyer assist package. Click here:

Bev and Keith Beardsley are sales representatives and “Seniors Real Estate Specialists” with Century 21 Action Power Team. They serve many of the rural and semi rural communities around Ottawa as well as Ottawa, Orleans, Barrhaven. Their main web site is

Bev and Keith can be reached or texted at 613-897-6839, direct 613-821-2384 or at

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