How is the Orleans (Ottawa) market doing? (Part one)

Orleans is a popular destination for first time buyers and over the years Orleans has had one of the better markets in Ottawa. Lots of services for families of all ages, excellent shopping facilities and a commute time to the downtown core that is quite manageable whether by car or public transportation. What was the market out there like in Orleans in 2015 and could home prices be attractive to first time buyers?

Orleans covers a very large area and for the purpose of this blog we will look at what I call the eastern half. IE imagine a line that roughly goes from Mer Bleu Road up to Champlain near Place D’Orleans. This section is in MLS code 11. Another blog will look at the other section of Orleans found in MLS code 20.

Communities in MLS 11 that you might recognize include Avalon, Bilberry Ck, Fallingbrook, Gardenway South, Notting Gate etc

A market update for this area can be found here:

Information on various markets in the city can also be found here:

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