Are You A First Time Buyer?

Are you a first time buyer? Are you ready to compete with the thousands of other buyers who will be out looking for a home at the same time as you? Do you know and understand the buying process?

Do you know what a buyer contract or agreement is all about? Do you know how to make an offer or counter offer? Do you know the difference between being pre-qualified and pre-approved?

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Welcome to Vernon

Vernon is a small rural community located in Osgoode Ward just inside the southern edge of the City of Ottawa. The 2011 population was approximately 750 people. Located on Highway 31 it offers relatively easy access to Ottawa, Kemptville, Winchester as well as to the surrounding rural communities.

The village has an active community association, a post office, library, community centre and a children’s park and playground. It also is the location of the Osgoode Township Museum.

There is a variety store and lots of opportunities for those needing a full size grocery store with a Foodland in Osgoode and Winchester, plus a major shopping centre in Kemptville. We use all of them on a regular basis and they compare very well to any store you would find in suburban Ottawa, but you have the added bonus of country friendly service.

Several elementary schools serve the area and they are located in Metcalfe and Marionville just a few minutes away. High schools are St. Mark’s and Osgoode Township Regional.

There is a good mix of housing from older homes right up to new builds. Prices range from roughly the mid $100,000 range up to the mid $400,000s. You can enjoy quiet family friendly streets with the homes sitting on large lots.

Excellent opportunities await first time buyers or those that want a country life style at an affordable price. Visit our main web page click here


Are you thinking about buying a home? Part 3

In the first two parts we looked at some of the things you need to do once you have decided to buy a home this year. First was to decide if this really is something that you want to do. Second was to get yourself pre-qualified so that you have a starting point and a pretty good idea of your price cap.

Once you have started looking and reached the point in your decision-making process where you are fine-tuning your area, know what you want etc. then it is a pretty good time to seek a pre-approval. Note: this is not the same as being pre-qualified; it is much more detailed and will let you know exactly what you can afford.

Generally an application will be made at the lender or mortgage broker of your choice. Once finalized, you will normally have the mortgage rate that was quoted to you locked in for a specified number of days. Some of the factors that they will consider are a stable income, a good credit bureau report and net worth. If all is good, they will issue you a pre-approval letter with the amount that they will advance to you for your mortgage. It is always best to do this before you put an offer in just in case something is red flagged that needs to be addressed before you can obtain your financing. It is much better to deal with this before any negotiations start or before your offer to purchase is accepted. Please note that the property has to qualify as well! If the income is more erratic, or you are self-employed or working on commission it can get a bit more complicated and it best to have a good discussion with your mortgage specialist.

Try to keep the number of credit checks that you allow to a minimum as too many can also impact your credit score. Above all, don’t go making any major purchases on credit from the time you are pre-approved until after your closing or possession date. A lender can do a last minute credit check just before closing and you don’t want anything to negatively impact your score.

Anyone who is thinking about buying a home can easily follow the steps in First Steps, Part One and Part two, as well as this one. It is not all that complicated and it does set you on your way to finding your dream home. Whether you are buying your first home, up-sizing, down-sizing or thinking about condo living, there is a home for everyone.

Whether you are buying or selling, give Keith and Bev Beardsley a call for an honest, no pressure discussion about your options.

Keith and Bev Beardsley are sales representatives with Keller Williams Solid Rock Realty (Brokerage). They can be found at or contacted at 613-821-2384.

Are you thinking about buying a home? Part 2

First Time buyers, as well as repeat buyers, are often confused by two key terms- what it means to be pre-qualified or pre-approved for a mortgage.

These terms will almost always come up when you speak to a real estate agent be it at an open house or if you ask to see a property. This is a key question because it tells them how serious you are about buying. Getting pre-qualified is a very important initial step for a buyer to complete before you start looking seriously for a home. I would suggest that you do it even before you look online as you will know your price cap and you won’t be disappointed by looking at properties in a price range above what you can afford.

One mortgage lender I spoke to explained it this way. First get pre-qualified.  A pre-qualification is when you run the numbers on an unofficial basis. By numbers, I mean your monthly income vs your monthly debt repayment plus mortgage payment, plus heat, plus property taxes. In essence, a prequalification is to determine, how much you can afford. It does not take into consideration the whole financial picture or your credit history. It is a starting point only. It will give you an idea as to what you will need to save for a down payment. You will also find out what type of documentation you will need to gather together for when you go to the next step and seek a pre-approval. At this point there has been no credit check done etc. But, if you have a shaky credit history or if you are carrying a lot of debt, now is the time to discuss with the mortgage specialist how that might impact things when you seek a formal pre-approval from a lender.

Now, you know what it means when a real estate sales person asks you if you are pre-qualified and you will have a rough guideline as to what you can afford and what it will cost you.

Are you thinking about buying a home (Part One)

With the spring real estate market being just around the corner we are already starting to see an increase in the number of people wanting to take a look at homes that might be of interest to them. Before you do that though there are several steps to consider:

  1. Decide if you really want to move and if so to where. Seems a simple question, but it really isn’t. All sorts of factors come into play such as schools, family sporting activities, amenities offered in different communities, commuting time etc. As best as possible know which area that you want to start looking in and what are the key points that are important for you.
  2. Try and agree on what each person wants to find in that house. Everyone has priorities that are important to them. For example a two car garage might be nice, but is it a priority? A four bedroom might be essential to one member of the family, but not the other. Having a home on a large lot might be nice, but do you have the time to look after it? Have a good idea what you want so that your agent knows where to start looking. These are some of the first questions that you will be asked before you look at homes.
  3. Don’t get overwhelmed with what you find online. This goes back to point number 2. If you know what you want before you start looking it is less likely that you will be distracted by homes that really don’t meet your needs. The more focused you are the easier it will be for us to find you what you want.
  4. Another key first step is – Check out your financing. What can you afford? Mortgage specialists in the banks, independent mortgage brokers etc. can all help and you will know your price cap before you start looking either online or in person. This is a crucial step and it will prevent a lot of disappointment as you go forward because you will know your limits and what will work for you.

These four points apply to both experienced buyers and first time buyers. The Beardsley Team will be happy to assist you with any of those four points. On our web site you will find our exclusive, free buyer assist package. Click here:

Bev and Keith Beardsley are sales representatives and “Seniors Real Estate Specialists” with Century 21 Action Power Team. They serve many of the rural and semi rural communities around Ottawa as well as Ottawa, Orleans, Barrhaven. Their main web site is

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Welcome to Greely

Continuing the series on some of the unique communities around Ottawa.

Greely is another unique rural community situated in the southern rural section of Ottawa. It is a sprawling bedroom community for Ottawa, but it does have some industries within its boundaries. Today it is one of the fastest growing towns in Ottawa showing a 59% growth in the number of homes in the community in the last eight years. The 2011 census puts the population at just over 9000, but with the rate of growth that figure is out of date.

There is a wide mix of housing that varies in price range from the $200,000s to well over one million dollars. There are excellent adult living communities, residential communities with quiet, wide streets and most lots are a half acre to 2 acres in size. With easy access to the city it has become a favourite destination for many homeowners. Commuters have a variety of options including Bank St, Albion Rd, River Rd or access to the west end via the 416. The airport is just a short drive away.

For those looking for shopping facilities, one of our favourite destinations is the Greely 24 hour Foodland Grocery store with an attached LCBO. Other nearby locations are in Findlay Creek or Riverside South and South Keys.

Greely has three elementary schools and a very active community association. The association helps to organize a winter carnival, provides input into City of Ottawa planning proposals, recreational activities and much more. Greely offers homebuyers a modern well run community that still reflects its rural lifestyle and origins.

For a update on Greely’s 2015 real estate market click here:

Our main web page has lots of real estate information including video market updates for several areas of the city. Click here

We would love to discuss Greely and the real estate market with you. Give us a call or text at 613-897-6839 or call 613-821-2384. We can also be reached at

Welcome to Osgoode

This is another in the short series we are doing on some of the rural communities surrounding Ottawa. Great places to live and check out.


This town of approximately 2500 (2011 census) is ideally located and has easy access to Greely, Metcalfe, Manotick and Kemptville. Essentially it is another bedroom community for Ottawa as well it serving the local rural area. There are several different access points if you commute into the city including River Rd (with access via Roger Steven’s to the 416), Stagecoach Rd and Manotick Station Rd.

This a very friendly community and an active one with a community centre, recreation complex and several parks that include Hockey, T-ball, Basketball, softball. At the end of the town’s main road where it meets River Rd there is W.A. Taylor Park. This park has a  boat launch to the Rideau River and a delightful picnic area. The town has a post office, a local convenience store plus a large Foodland grocery store. The Red Dot café, a well-known restaurant and one of our favourite places to dine, is located in the same complex as Foodland. Major shopping complexes are located just a short drive away in Kemptville or Barrhaven. We have always enjoyed the drive from Osgoode along the Rideau River to Kemptville. It is a very scenic and relaxing route to drive.

There is a real mix of housing from roughly the early 1900’a right up to modern newly built homes. There are older stone and brick homes, lots of bungalows and two story homes as well. In general, prices range from the mid $250,000s up into the $700,000s. There are lots of tree lined, family friendly streets with homes sitting on nice large lots. In other words, there is something for everyone’s tastes and budget.

A quick video tour is here:

A quick look at Osgoode’s 2015 real estate market can be found here:

Ask for the Beardsley Team, we are your local agents serving Russell, Metcalfe and Osgoode and the surrounding area and communities.

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Welcome to Metcalfe

Metcalfe is another small town that serves as a bedroom community for Ottawa and service area for the rural population. Statistics Canada puts its population at about 1800, but that is just for the town itself, there are also some small subdivisions around the outskirts that will increase that number.

Located between Greely and Russell it has easy access by the 417 to downtown Ottawa. One thing that is always deceptive when people look at a map is this ease of access to various areas such as Ottawa, Kemptville, and Orleans etc. Almost all of the driving is on highways. Think of it, the first traffic light is at DND downtown. From our residential office in Metcalfe it takes us 20 minutes to the 417/174 split, 10 minutes to Russell, 30 to Kemptville, 20 to Riverside South, Barrhaven or South Keys and about 30 to Orleans.

It is a very active community with 2 golf courses, a big recreation program, 2 public schools, a Christian school and a regional high school. There is baseball, hockey, curling, soccer fields etc. The recreation centre is named after Larry Robinson of the Montreal Canadiens who played here.

With a bank, post office and convenience store/LCBO it has most of what you need right in town. For those looking for a major grocery store they are just a short drive away in Russell, Greely, Osgoode, Findlay Creek, Embrun or Kemptville. Metcalfe has a good mix of housing starting from the upper $200,000s and going up into the $700,000 range when the outer areas are added in. The town is a good choice for first time buyers or those looking for a country life style, but wanting city comforts.

It has been the home of the Metcalfe Fair since 1856 and hosts the Metcalfe Farmers Market on Saturdays between May and October. The market is one of our favourite places to visit Saturday mornings. Many of the vendors can be found on our “Buy Local” page of our Beardsley Team web site.

A Metcalfe real estate market update can be found here:

Visit our web site at or give us a call at 613-821-2384 we would be happy to talk real estate with you.

How did the Barrhaven real estate market do last year?

Barrhaven has become a popular destination for buyers. In fact its total homes sales’ (excluding condos) is very close to that of Orleans. There are lots of services for families of all ages, excellent shopping facilities and a manageable commute to downtown Ottawa by car or public transportation. Add in the relocation of some government complexes to nearby Nepean and a great mix of housing and you can see why it is a growing area. What was the home market like in Barrhaven last year? Do you know how many townhomes sold?

Find out here:

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How is the Orleans (Ottawa) market doing? (Part one)

Orleans is a popular destination for first time buyers and over the years Orleans has had one of the better markets in Ottawa. Lots of services for families of all ages, excellent shopping facilities and a commute time to the downtown core that is quite manageable whether by car or public transportation. What was the market out there like in Orleans in 2015 and could home prices be attractive to first time buyers?

Orleans covers a very large area and for the purpose of this blog we will look at what I call the eastern half. IE imagine a line that roughly goes from Mer Bleu Road up to Champlain near Place D’Orleans. This section is in MLS code 11. Another blog will look at the other section of Orleans found in MLS code 20.

Communities in MLS 11 that you might recognize include Avalon, Bilberry Ck, Fallingbrook, Gardenway South, Notting Gate etc

A market update for this area can be found here:

Information on various markets in the city can also be found here:

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