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Continuing the series on some of the unique communities around Ottawa.

Greely is another unique rural community situated in the southern rural section of Ottawa. It is a sprawling bedroom community for Ottawa, but it does have some industries within its boundaries. Today it is one of the fastest growing towns in Ottawa showing a 59% growth in the number of homes in the community in the last eight years. The 2011 census puts the population at just over 9000, but with the rate of growth that figure is out of date.

There is a wide mix of housing that varies in price range from the $200,000s to well over one million dollars. There are excellent adult living communities, residential communities with quiet, wide streets and most lots are a half acre to 2 acres in size. With easy access to the city it has become a favourite destination for many homeowners. Commuters have a variety of options including Bank St, Albion Rd, River Rd or access to the west end via the 416. The airport is just a short drive away.

For those looking for shopping facilities, one of our favourite destinations is the Greely 24 hour Foodland Grocery store with an attached LCBO. Other nearby locations are in Findlay Creek or Riverside South and South Keys.

Greely has three elementary schools and a very active community association. The association helps to organize a winter carnival, provides input into City of Ottawa planning proposals, recreational activities and much more. Greely offers homebuyers a modern well run community that still reflects its rural lifestyle and origins.

For a update on Greely’s 2015 real estate market click here: https://youtu.be/-SnMQKZP3Mk

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